Original Productions by Suzanne Baldon
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To purchase any of these, email Suzanne with the title at sbaldon@sbcglobal.net

"Flowers in Bottle"
11" x 14" on D'Arches Paper
$75 Available

1/4 Sheet D'Arches Paper
$50 Available

"Paul in Merida"
22" x 15"
$1000 Available

"Cuervo Gold"
1/2 sheet of D'Arches paper, Nell Williams collection.  
I created it as an exhibition painting during the Sanger Harris Grand Opening in Tyler.
Portrait of a collectible doll, commemoration of a vacation:  Order your own!

"Smiling Buddha" 1981, watercolor on 1/4 sheet D'Arches paper.  Done for watercolor class I taught at Parks and Recreation in Tyler.  Gave to Louise Florey.

11" x 14" $100 Available

11" x 14" $100 Available

"Sonoran Desert"
11" x 14" $300,
Henke collection

"El Pico" on D'Arches paper
2 sections each at 20" x 22.5" $1200 both  Available

"Portrait of Bob Small" SOLD,
The Pat and Bob Small collection

"Daughter of a Friend"
16"X20" SOLD

For portrait prices, see ordering information.

"Bear and Girl"
commemorative illustration, Voorhees collection

"Lavender Flower"
11"X12", $50, SOLD Barber collection

Irises.  15" x 19"
$125 available

SOLD, Shelley Smith collection

"John and Blue"
SOLD, Mahfood collection

"Old Gas Station in Tyler, Texas." 
Sketched in the field with a sharpened bamboo stick.
I added watercolor, later, in the studio.

SOLD, Equifax collection

"Paul and Butch on Blue Ridge Parkway"
11"X14", Baldon collection