Senior Exhibit

Original Productions by Suzanne Baldon
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Some of the paintings in my senior exhibit at the University of Texas at Tyler, May 1986

"Gail Egbert as Pepsi Girl"
22"X30"  Sold
1983, pen and ink drawing with colored pencil on manila sketching paper, 22" x 30".  Exercise in subliminal advertising for UTTyler class.  Gail is posed as Pepsi Girl with dragons, critters and scenes all in Gail's feathers, dress and hair.  Exhibited in Senior Exhibit at UTT in 1986.

"Boogie Woogie Gail" 1985, acrylic on canvas, 4' x 5'.  Exercise for UTT class in "hero shape."  Took exterior contour of Gail Egbert sitting in a chair and filled shape with Mondrian-type design.  Gail died June 18, 12:05 AM, 1986.

"Cat and Dog Tussle in front of Fireplace"
Gouache SOLD

"Cats in the Laundry"
Gouache SOLD

"Anita in Merida"
Watercolor SOLD