Scenes from the Park
Drawn at Cedar Hill State Park, Texas
Original Productions by Suzanne Baldon

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Most of these are 5" x 7"

"Prairie Moonrise"

"Picnic Shelters"

"Winter Sunset"
SOLD, Jeff Mittl Collection

"Mockingbirds in Soapberries"


"Mesquite Stump with Flowers"

"Campsite Overlook"

"Moon and Towers," SOLD

"Sun and Towers," SOLD

"Cloudy Day Towers"

"Crows at Night"

"Pink and Yellow Cosmos"

"Sunset over the Lake"
SOLD, Jeff Mittl Collection

"Sunflowers with Old Snags"


"Grand Prairie, TX--Across the Lake at Night." 

"Paul with Sowthistle and Argiope"