Original Productions by Suzanne Baldon
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To purchase any of these, email Suzanne with the title at sbaldon@sbcglobal.net

"Oklahoma Backpack"
24" x 36"
Oil on Canvas with Acrylic Underpainting
$1000 Available

"Niney's Silver and Pewter"
8" x 10"
Oil on Canvas Board

"Disquieting Muses"
9" x 12"
Artist's Collection

"Lake Scene"
10" x 20"
$100 Available

"Fantasy Roses"
18" x 24" $600 Available

"Springtime at Cedar Hill State Park," a lakescape
SOLD, Songer Collection
16" x 20"

12" x 24" $500 Available

"The Anthropologist"
16" x 20" $500 SOLD--Dana Austin Collection

Order your own special oil portrait.  See ordering instructions for price list.

"The Judge"

"Billy Philpott"  Christmas, 1981, oil on canvas, 30" x 36".  Played with direct painting and glazing.  Commissioned as a surprise gift to her husband by Mrs. Philpott.  I had separate snapshots of him, his rodeo clothes and bulls.  

"Casey and Michael" 
SOLD, Krider collection
9" x 12"

June 1982, oil on canvas, 9" x 14".  20-year-old cat owned by Thelma Saba, who commissioned the portrait.  This couch was in her living room.  I had also made sketches of the cat in his garden.

"Sugar" 1981, oil with acrylic underpainting, 9" x 12".  Thelma Saba's toy poodle.

oil with acrylic underpainting, 11"X14" 
SOLD, Voorhees collection.

"Grandpa Corder"
SOLD, Warren Brown collection

SOLD, Warren Brown collection

"Hill Country Castle"
SOLD, the Burke Green Collection

"Seascape in Emulation of Waugh" 
9"X15" SOLD

Church of the Immaculate Conception, Tyler, Texas
16"X20" SOLD

Ross Estate, Sold, Ross Collection
35" X 26"
Received Best of Division award and Best of Show in Division at the 
Palette of Roses exhibition at the Tyler Art League Palette of Roses 
at the Tyler Rose Festival, 15 October, 1977.

St. Gregory School, Tyler, Texas
Sold, St. Gregory School Collection

"Grey Kitten"
3"X4" SOLD, Glenda Barber Collection

Ink, acrylic, and oil on masonite, 1"X 1 1/2"