Original Productions by Suzanne Baldon
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"Estate House"
9" x 12"
$200 Available

"Valerie: The Wolfe Takes Off Her Training Wheels."  
Series of illustration board panels each 18"X18".  
It won Second Place in the professional division at the Tyler Art League Palette of Roses Show at the Tyler Rose Festival and was exhibited at the Longview Museum Citation Show of the East Texas Fine Arts Association.
SOLD, Sue White collection.  
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"Ivy Planter" on handmade paper
14" x 18" $150 Available
Created as an exhibition painting during the Sanger Harris Grand Opening in Tyler.

Awards won under the name of "Ivy Planter in the Window": 
1.  Third Place in Professional Watercolor Division at Tyler Palette of Roses in October, 1981.
2.  Third Place in Mixed Media Division at the East Texas Fine Arts Association Exhibit at the Longview Museum of Art in February, 1982.

A commemoration of roses blooming in a garden, Florey collection

A celebration of tiger lilies,  Tijerina collection

"Chinese Flowers"
Stenciled on paper
handmade out of purple-hulled peas, Florey collection

"McDonald Hallway"
SOLD, McDonald collection
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